Canada has better employment opportunities

Canada is quite a positive place for immigrants. The employment for immigrants was quite high between the age groups of 25-54 in 2018. This is the highest number in 12 years. This is encouraging news for immigrants. The employment rate for immigrants is quite high in Canada. Immigrants who came here almost 5 years back have an employment rate of 71%.  The rate of employment is the best right now since 2006.
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Employment opportunities rising in Canada

The reason why such high employment is happening in Canada is that the provincial governments are choosing immigrants very selectively. The immigrants are selected based on their English language skills and whether they have a job offer in the province or not. Education is also important for provinces while selecting prospective immigrants. Immigration programs have been designed in such a way to get immigrants who can be better employed in Canada. Therefore, the education of immigrants can be checked through WES to know how likely they will  be able to adjust in Canada. Their experience also counts. Moreover, since the immigrants with the right kind of work experience are selected, they can find jobs easily. Canada is also helping immigrants settle here.  Immigrants are doing much better for themselves than the natives living here. It is incredible but it is true that immigrants earn more in Canada than the natives. Talking about the incomes, immigrants earn 4,000 CAD per year more than those whom both the parents are of Canadian origin. Immigrants are also more educated than the Canadian born. 40% of the immigrants between the age group of 25-44 have a degree from the university whereas a lesser percentage of Canadians have such a degree(24%).

Many immigrants prefer to settle in Toronto. This city is preferred by immigrants because 50% of the residents of this city are not from Canada. So, Toronto is a diverse city with so many immigrants living here. More jobs have come up in Toronto because the population is getting older here. So, due to the lack of a younger population, there are not many people to fill up the jobs.

It’s better to apply for Express Entry to get a job in Canada. If you are not eligible as per the Express Entry , then you can get PR of this country through Provincial Nominee programs and immigrate here for employment.

Toronto has the maximum number of financial jobs in Canada because it’s a financial hub. Before immigrating, just check whether your kind of job is available in the province to which you are immigrating. Apart from the financial sector, there are also jobs in the Technology, Tourism and the Media sector in this region. So, whether your industry is prevalent or not in a province, can help you in choosing the province for immigration.

Internet is the best place to look for jobs in Canada. There are many portals used for job search. Toronto jobs and Workopolis are two major job sites of this country.

You can be a part of the professional events in tornoto where you can get information about prospective employers. There are sites which list such events such as the Eventbrite’s Toronto Gatherings where you can interact with professionals like you.

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