How to make a diagnosis of hair loss

How to make a diagnosis of hair loss

A hair diagnosis is actually a huge balance sheet: we mainly analyze your scalp but also your lengths in order to give you as much information as possible about your hair nature, your problems and your needs. The session lasts about an hour and will make a statement about the health of your hair.

For those who are worried about hair loss, but not only in fact! Of course, hair loss is often the trigger for making an appointment. Personally, I do not encounter this problem but my hair diagnosis at Norgil has allowed to put in light a lot of small things.

I was greeted by Hanna, an adorable hair expert in a white coat. The center of Paris 16 ° where I went is human-sized, which is very reassuring. We begin by having you complete a complete questionnaire to learn more about your lifestyle, your family history or health as well as the relationship you have with your hair.

Test n ° 1: capilloscopy

With a dedicated camera, Hanna shot a very very zoomed picture of various areas of my scalp. The goal? Examine the condition of my scalp. I already knew this device but the effect is still amazing. Seeing the root of her hair so closely, it is not the most raging experience of the Earth but it is to do!
In my case, I discovered the presence of dandruff hair (my God !!! It will be necessary that I treat it !!!). Other than that, my bulbs are fine!

Test n ° 2: capillary mapping

There, we will calculate the number of hair per square centimeter on several areas of the scalp. The number that will be obtained will serve as a “slider” to know if this evolves over the course of treatment, with each new capillary diagnosis.

Test n ° 3: the despondency 

As we discovered the existence of dandruff, Hanna wanted to go further and dig in that direction. With this test, it was possible to quantify and visualize dandruff on the scalp. In my case, the despondency is rather important, but Hanna reassured me a lot:

I changed shampoo a few days ago after three months to use almost the same organic shampoo non stop. For her, it is normal and there can be a time of adaptation of 2-3 weeks so that everything is put back in place after a change of shampoo. But, it’s to watch!Now take a look at how these features of diagnostic capillaire.

The assessment finished, what do I do? 

We issue you a hyper-detailed prescription. And you resume an appointment if you wish to make a balance a few months later. Again, nothing obligatory: you do not have to buy a cure, and not make a new appointment. Know that a hair balance costs 45 €. You leave from there with a folder ultra personalized (mine is 19 pages!) Explaining what gesture to adopt.


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