MedicAlert Foundation International

MedicAlert Foundation International

We should Remember Low Cost, Non-Technology Solutions Matter – not every person can bear the cost of a $1,000 advanced mobile phone and the information bundle that goes with it. Truth be told, a great many people can’t. Our central goal is to be there for everybody who needs support in a desperate hour, paying little heed to pay. This is the reason our most significant arrangement is non-specialized and it is an item and administration we have been offering for almost 60 years.

The Medic Alert wrist trinket or accessory gives data on the individual, the condition and a spot to call for First Responders or other Medical Professionals who can call us and get the data we have accessible. This group approach – the wrist trinket/neckband, our First Responders and our group who picks up the telephone structure a system that helps spare lives.

Improving Location Saves Lives – on the off chance that somebody needs support, would we like to figure which road or part of a road they are on? No, that is clear. Be that as it may, with the present innovation, which is subject to cell towers, the changeability is excessively high.

We need to be more Uber-like and less subject to outdated approaches to find. Realizing the 911 framework is subject to cell towers, we are joining forces with RapidSOS, which can take data from associated gadgets, line up with the 911 framework and, without a doubt, sidestep the old method for finding us.This, obviously, prompts why brilliant weara bles truly must be shrewd.for more info you can check that Elderly.

We Want Smart Weara bles that Can Save Lives, not Just Be Cool – we’re not stressed over being hip. It’s pleasant to realize our pulse or the amount we dozed the previous evening, yet we are discussing an alternate kind of wearable that we need to offer our individuals.


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