PSMS Disponsori Situs Judi Online? Ini Penjelasan Manajemen

PSMS Disponsori Situs Judi Online? Ini Penjelasan Manajemen

Jaroslaw Kaczynski – a general and general of law and justice is a great teacher, and until recently Donald Tusk has only become the leader of the PO. He became a strategist worthy of the general nomination.

General Kaczyński – General Tusk

We have two strategists, because it is not true that Jarosław Kaczyński does not look at the polls. The General and the Leader keeps track of two news channels before the show: TVP INFO and TVN24.I do not believe that he would not care about the polls.They care and it’s only very much how to admit that when the opponent makes a poll Donka.

Donald Tusk, for too long, looked at Jaroslaw Kaczynski as a petrified general who will not surprise him with anything, whose strategy is so fossilized that it is predictable.

General Kaczyński, however, was able to surprise the opponent. He sparked with a genius sending his commandos: Zobry, Kurskiego, etc. The second front was also a kamikaze: Mularczyk, Wróbel.

Now and General Tusk proved that he begins to master the difficult art of command. The battle promises a really interesting one.

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