Small Earthquake Reported In Long Island City

Small Earthquake Reported In Long Island City

When everything was over and after an hour nothing happened, we started checking the information. We found the site of the seismological institute, where we learned how many and what shocks were in the last month. It turns out that the earth purrs much more often than we thought, but it is not always felt in Quito.

We also found information that at the epicenter the earthquake was 7.8 on the Richter scale and was in the ocean. When after a few hours we were sure that we could rather think about rest, I lay with the thought that despite the alarm, there will be no tsunami and that many people have not suffered.

The next day it turned out how wrong I was … In the morning my husband said that 2:15 was another shock not so strong, but it also lasted a lot. I slept like I was killed and my husband watched the Formula 1 race. I’m glad

In Quito, shocks lasted less than two minutes and destroyed one house somewhere in the south of the city. There was an echo of what was happening on the coast. In the capital, 6.8 was felt. We had books on the bookshelf, and one item dropped from the shelf attached to the wall …

There was no loss. On the coast in the area of ​​Esmeraldas, where we spent the holidays that year, killed 235 people (data at the moment, ie 17/04/2016 at 17:25 GMT-5, time for South America / edit: currently 18/04 / 2016 I give out 350 people, but still look for people under rubble) and over 1500 people are injured.

 Houses and roads have been destroyed, people are without water, electricity and the most necessary means of life. Already today, donations were made to help the victims. Also collected clothes and other items that could help. I found out, that the earthquake was the strongest since 1979. My husband, who is accustomed to feeling shocks, said, like my Ecuadorian mother, that it was the worst earthquake they had ever experienced.For best services you can visit just goto interactive earthquake.

 However, people living here calm me that such tragedies happen rarely, once every 40-50 years. However, the land here will not stop murmuring, due to the proximity of two huge slabs: South American and Nazca. I always have a choice: stay here and get used to or look for a different place …

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