Stanford Football Makes Two Crucial Hires

Stanford Football Makes Two Crucial Hires

Several players broke schemes, including Zlatan Ibrahimović (book Ja, Ibra  is the duty of every fan, regardless of whether we like Swede or not). Zlatan, however, focused on his life. A much more colorful position came out a few weeks ago from Peter Crouch’s pen, which in September released an autobiography entitled  How to be a Footballer  .

Stoke player and 42-time England representative probably laughs at every aspect of being a professional footballer. Below are some excerpts that Polish journalists Mateusz Święcicki and Filip Kapica published on pages 2AngryMan  . Read it because it’s worth it. Here is just a handful of what Crouch has to tell us.


About tattoos among footballers:

Years ago, having tattoos made you different. Thanks to them, you could pretend to be a rebel. Today you stand out when you do not have them, because almost everyone has them. The young boy signed the first professional contract with Stoke.

This does not mean anything, because it may very well end your career very quickly. After signing the contract, he made a giant tattoo on which he stands against the wall, holds the ball in his hands, and the parents enjoy it with him. What if he fails to break through and ends up in the bank? How will it look then? Or will he tattoo a moment when he signs a contract with an HR department employee?

It does not bother me that someone has the names of their children on their shoes. But do you really need to tattoo them on your skin? Do their faces when they are 2 or 3 years old? What if there are more offspring? “Dad, why did you just tattoo him, and not me anymore? – Sorry, son, I ran out of space.

The publication of a biography and personality autobiography from the football world in recent years has almost become an everyday reality. Nevertheless, 9 out of 10 such items are in fact stories about “how good it was” and “how much I won”.For best services you can visit just goto 먹튀.

That is nothing extraordinary. Nothing that we would not learn from Wikipedia, colored at best only a few nice epithets, to move less “experienced”, that is how we understand it, the reader.

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