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Simply found southeast of India, Sri Lanka is a concealed jewel of the Indian Ocean. Past its old remnants, delightful shorelines, and astonishing untamed life, the island country has numerous different stories to reveal. From the Pearl of Indian sea to the world’s most established human-planted tree, here are 15 certainties you probably won’t think about Sri Lanka to offer you a look at the fascinating neighborhood history and culture.

  1. It is nicknamed Pearl of the Indian Ocean and tear of India

Sri Lanka is known for these two stunning promotions. Pearl of the Indian Ocean is given to this little island country most likely because of its mind boggling normal magnificence, phenomenal biodiversity just as its valuable gemstones. Plus, the island has a tear shape and is off the bank of India, which is simpler to see from the guide. That is the reason it is likewise called tear of India. The following is a Google map depiction of Sri Lanka to give you a thought of its area and shape.

  1. It’s pressed with an enormous assortment of creatures

Sri Lanka just covers a territory of 25,332 miĀ², which is simply marginally bigger than the US province of West Virginia. Be that as it may, its untamed life is inconceivably different. It’s home to 123 types of well evolved creatures, (for example, elephants, panthers, and crocodiles), 227 types of winged creatures, 178 types of reptiles, 122 types of creatures of land and water, and numerous other creature species.

For natural life lovers, Yala National Park is an unquestionable requirement visit on a voyage to Sri Lanka. What’s more, for explorers inspired by whales, a trek to Mirissa or Trincomalee is advantageous. Our post When and Where to Watch Whales in Sri Lanka offers insider tips on the best time and area for spotting whales in Sri Lanka. This adaptable 15-day Sri Lanka agenda incorporates a safari in Yala and whale-viewing in Mirissa: 15-Day Vivid Ceylon Tour with Whale Watching (Nov-Apr).

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