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The modification of the pole is made by methods for sliding winding riggings which drive the cam shafts

These sliding winding riggings are constrained by the more drawn out switch on the left hand end of the motor. The short switch controls the beginning air. The other strategy is to utilize two arrangements of cams, one set being utilized for every heading of pivot. These cams are in some cases set on a similar cam shaft, which is made longitudinally flexible under the lifters, An adjustment utilizes two cam shafts, one for ahead and the other for toward the back. These poles might be swung in position under the valve lifters.

Such a plan is appeared in

The turning around Used Engines for the two-cycle motors isn’t exactly so convoluted as that for the four-cycle, the main valve system essential being that for the beginning and fuel valves. Likely the one element of the Diesel engine which is causing its presentation into the marine field more than all else, is its productivity.

Tests have been made on enormous motors of this sort which demonstrate the practically wonderful figures of 0.38 pound of fuel utilized per brake drive hour. This is for raw petroleum. The marine motors of this sort presently being used normal from 0.40 to 0044 pound of fuel for each brake drive hour while running under full burden. When we contrast these figures and those of the best triple extension marine motors, which consume 1.46 pounds of coal per brake drive hour, we without a moment’s delay see the incredible preferred position of the Diesel motor.

In round figures, the Diesel motor will .drive a ship similarly as quick and Just as far on 100 tons of fuel, as a steam motor would on 350 tons of coal.

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