Video Premiere: Bailey Hefley’s “Dust on a Diamond”

Video Premiere: Bailey Hefley’s “Dust on a Diamond”

At the time, this set had a value, a trifle, a million dollars. For this reason, Callas was always under the eye of a detective hired by a jeweler to protect her and borrowed jewelry. Precious jewels have come to life in her life.

Carats of love

In 1957, Maria Callas received an unusual gift from her husband – a diamond with an 11 carat cut awning and matching diamond earrings. And for the next ball at Waldorf Astoria in New York, Harry Winston borrowed her spectacular emerald-diamond necklace.

The custom-made jewelry of Maria Callas has aroused admiration to this day. The famous jewelry brooch from 1967 with five diamond flakes and Burmese rubies can serve as an example.

The brooch made of platinum is decorated with oval Burmese rubies (with a cut tempting), polished diamonds “Marquis”, round and baguettes. The total weight of rubies is 15.77 carats, and diamonds – 16.35 carats. The famous singer repeatedly set up a brooch for the ceremony.

Unfortunately, after ten years, Callas’s marriage fell apart. At that time, the diva began to experience a fascination with Luchin Visconti, to finally fall into the arms of Aristotle Onassis, without which she could not imagine her life.

A romance with a married Greek millionaire who had blossomed on his yacht, Christina, was not supposed to end with a marriage. For divine Aristotle was a womanizer and a calculating businessman.

 Although he had a unique magnetism with Callas, he did not mind in 1968 marrying Jacqueline, the widow of President Kennedy. However, when his health deteriorated, he spent the last weeks of his life in Paris to be close to Maria. She said goodbye to him in the hospital on March 9, 1975. He died six days later. At the news, Callas was to say, “I feel like a widow.”for more info you can check that 鑽石.

Her career lasted only 20 years and ended when her voice stopped refusing her obedience. She tried to return to the stage at the age of 50, but the lack of form and the bad press only broke her down. She died on September 16, 1977, for a heart attack in her Paris apartment. Remains of her memory of the divine voice and jewels.

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