Vincent Kompany: ‘Anderlecht can win Belgian title next season’

Vincent Kompany: ‘Anderlecht can win Belgian title next season’

I myself am a pretty crazy person in football, both national and foreign leagues. In European football, we often hear the term derby . Easy, the derby in this context is a soccer match that brings together two clubs from the same city or region.

Some derby matches that are quite popular include Derby Della Madoninna in the City of Milan (Inter Milan and AC Milan), Italy; Old Firm Derby in the City of Glasgow (Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers), Scotland; and   Merseyside Derby in the City of Liverpool (Liverpool FC and Everton) in England.

derby party for me indicates that there is more than one stadium in the same city / area. The derby party that I mentioned above is a party in the highest caste of each country’s league. There are still more derby parties in the second, third and so on, which means there are more other stadiums in the area.

In the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham alone, a small district in the city of London which is about 17 km 2 , there are two English Premier League football stadiums owned by Fulham FC and Chelsea FC. That does not include the caste stadium below the English Premier League like Queens Park Rangers.

This very contrasting difference in numbers shows that Indonesia, including the city of Bandung itself, lacks a number of soccer fields. The city of Bandung is divided into 30 sub-districts, and if it refers to Indra Sjafri’s expectations regarding the construction of a quality field in each sub-district, then Bandung City should have 30 quality football fields.

I feel unsatisfied with Kang Emil’s answer, because if indeed Supratman Field will still be used as a football playing field, the foundation area built in the middle of the field does not represent a soccer field because the area is too small.For best services you can visit just goto 먹튀.

Then me and some friends from the Aleut Community tried to ask Mr. Rudi, as the SSB SSP trainer. According to Mr. Rudi, the construction of the Supratman Field began on Monday (11/18), which is planned to be built 4 futsal fields. This makes SSB student children unable to practice soccer here.

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