Yellow Tulip Bouquet, 5D Diamond Painting – Stained glass window

Try not to strip the whole plastic covering ceaselessly, or the cement on the canvas will get messy and lose its tack

Spread the canvas with the plastic sheet that it accompanied. In the event that you disposed of the sheet, you can cover it with a bit of paper or material paper; abstain from utilizing wax paper.

Go over the canvas with a moving how to seal a diamond painting. This will press down any free precious stones and secure them.If you don’t have a moving pin, you can utilize a can or container. You can likewise tenderly rub the canvas with your hands.

Stack some overwhelming books over the canvas medium-term. This will help further hold fast the precious stones to the canvas and guarantee that they bond appropriately. In the event that you don’t have any books enormous enough to cover the canvas, you can utilize another level, overwhelming item, for example, a case or cutting board.

Strip the tape away. Lift the books off first, at that point strip the plastic covering off. Strip the tape from the sides of the canvas. Try not to trim the abundance canvas way, as this may make the texture brawl.

Edge the canvas. Expel the glass from the casing first, at that point embed the canvas into the casing. Overlap the overabundance edges down, at that point place the sponsorship into spot. Forget about the glass, as it will just dull down the precious stones’ radiance.For a fancier touch, place the canvas behind a tangle first; this will give the canvas an extra outskirt inside the casing. Pick a shading that supplements the jewels.

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